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This is a game about the book "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. It is an adventure-fighting game for the 3DS and maybe some consoles.(none announced yet) Although to make the game more interesting, the game has more features that are not in the book.


It is an adventure-fighting game for the 3DS.


It is a side-scrolling game that has many simularities to Super Smash Brothers in the fighting format. You use the A button to grab and throw enemies or items. B button to punch or use items. Y button to kick enemies. X button to Jump. L and R buttons to block.(Can't block weapons or Super Attacks.) If you go right up to an enemy and press down and L or R, you can trip them. If you go up to an enemy and press up and L or R, you can jump over them and push them to the ground.(Same use as up and L or R.) If you go up to an enemy and press one of the side buttons and L or R, you can charge and slam right into to them to slam them across the map and onto the ground.(This one has a little more power to it then L or R up and down.) However, these L or R attacks can be blocked by the enemy. If you press L or R and the side button that you are facing and if you are away from the enemy, you can do a somersaut and if the opposite side that your facing you can do a backflip. At certain times in the Story Mode you will have to Press certain buttons that it tells you to, Spin the circle pad or use the stylus on the touch screen.


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Story ModeEdit

The Story Mode starts out with a cutscene with Ponyboy writing his english report that he writes at the end of the novel and his voice says the quote "When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul newman and a ride home." which foreshadows to the end of the game and novel. Then it blends into a quick cutscene of Ponyboy walking alone and a red Corvair with Socs in it starts following him. Then it will show a screen that tells you how to play and once you press the A button you go right into a fight with an unlimited amount of Socs and One minute on the clock until the fight ends. You are Ponyboy trying to see how many Socs you can take down it a minute. Your record will be recorded in the record section of the menu screen. Only 3 Socs appear at a time so your not getting ganged up on by 20 of them. You have a health bar and the Socs don't knock out too much health. You could take about 40 hits before dying. Even if you do start running low on health, items are sometimes appearing to give you health or weapon support. If you die you can try again or quit back to the main menu like in any other level. After the fight, you go into a cutscene of the Socs beating down on you and putting a knife up to you. Then a screen will pop up telling you to spin the circle pad. The reason for spinning the circle pad is so you push the knife away from you while the Soc on top of you is pushing it toward you. After that a cutscene happens where you slightly hear people yelling and loud footsteps and the Socs running away. And in a first person view, you see a hand grab yours and pulls you up. Then you have to shake the 3DS system to make your vision clearer because it was blurry from the Socs beating on you. After your vision gets clear you see a group of people that are your family, friends and gang. Your oldest brother Darry was the one who grabed you and picked you up. Then your older but not oldest brother Sodapop trys to comfort you and introduces you to all of the members of gang because he thinks you might have lost your memory. The gang consists of Darry Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Steve Randle, Two-Bit Matthews, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade and finally Ponyboy Curtis. After talking to a few of the gang members, Dallas asks if anyone wanted to go to the movie house with him and then on the screen it says press A and when you press it Ponyboy says me and Johnny will go. And then it turns out that Dallas, Ponyboy and Johnny are the only ones going. Two-Bit said he might meet up with them and then it fades out and says level complete and then it also says you unlocked Johnny Cade as a playable character. Now in the next level you can use Ponyboy and Johnny. Where if one dies the other one comes out instead. Or you can switch whenever you want. But if a character is dead they will still appear in the cutscenes. Level One Completed - "Greasers and Socs".

The next level starts out with Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas going to The Dingo.(one of the greasers hang-outs) Then you can be Ponyboy or Johnny and walk down the street fighting Socs. Dallas is a computer ally that really helps out. On the touch screen you see a bar going sideways with Ponyboys head at the start and The Dingo picture at the end. It shows where you are and how far away from The Dingo you are. Only three Socs can be there at a time so you don't get ganged up on again. Once you get to the end of the bar on the touch screen, you fight 20 Socs but only 3 at a time. Then when you defeat them you go inside The Dingo. Then a cutscene happens and Dallas bumps into a few Greasers and they get mad so then you have to fight them. They are big and tough but are pretty easy to beat. After that a cutscene happens where the cops come and Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas sneak out. Then you go back down the street fighting Socs until you get to the movie house. Once again there is a bar at the touch screen that shows you where you are. Once you get there, there is another cutscene where Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas sneak into the movie house by going under a fence. Then you sit down by two girls and Dallas starts bugging them. Johnny tells Dallas to stop a few times and then Dallas gets mad and leaves. Then Ponyboy and Johnny start talking to the girls and their names are Cherry Valance and Marcia. Then Dallas comes back and trys to bother the girls again by offering to give them Coke bottles and Cherry throws it at Dallas. Then he starts bothering Cherry some more and Johnny tells him to leave her alone. Then Cherry and Marcia ask Ponyboy and Johnny to sit with them. Then Two-Bit comes and scares Ponyboy and Johnny by pretending he was a Soc. After some more talking, Cherry asks Ponyboy to go with her to get some popcorn. Then when you get to the popcorn Ponyboy tells Cherry about Johnny getting beat up by Socs and one had rings on his hand which cut him up. Then some Socs are giving you dirty looks and one Soc pushs you away from Cherry and then you have to fight 30 Socs. They are kinda easy but the last 5 are really tough. They have more health and more strengh. They are a little difficult to beat. After that the movie ends and then Two-Bit asks if Cherry and Marcia have a ride home. And they say that they don't. Then Ponyboy, Johnny, Two-Bit, Cherry and Marcia leave movie house and a blue Mustang passes by and then comes back around and stops. Cherry says that it's her boyfriend Bob and his friend Randy. Then it fades out and says level complete and then it also says you unlocked Two-Bit Matthews as a playable character. Level Two Completed - "Movie Night".

The next level starts out with Bob and Randy getting out of the car and they start talking to Cherry and Marcia. Then Randy says that there is no reason to hang out with these bums.(Saying that toward Ponyboy, Johnny and Two-Bit.) Then Two-Bit says "Who are you calling bums?". Then Randy says that he's got four more Socs in the back of the car. Two-Bit says "Then pity the backseat". Then Randy says "If your looking for a fight..." and Two-Bit cuts him off by saying "You mean if i'm looking for a jumping. You'll outnumber us. Well...". Then you go into a first person point of view from Two-Bit and it says press R, then press L, then press A and then B, Y and then X. When you press R you look to your right and smash a pop bottle on a fence and then when you press L you quickly turn to your left and throw the busted bottle to Ponyboy and when you press A,B,Y and X you take out a switch-blade from your back pocket. Then you hear Two-Bit say "Try it pal." and you get into a fight with four Socs. You can be Ponyboy, Johnny or Two-Bit. Ponyboy and Two-Bit are recommended because in this level Ponyboy has a busted bottle that can break and Two-Bit has a switch-blade. After you defeat the four difficult Socs, you fight Bob Sheldon and Randy Adderson. They are both difficult by themselves, but when you fight them together they are even more difficult. Items appear to help you out such as a filled pop bottle which you can drink to regain health and then use as a weapon, popcorn which allows you to regain health, a busted pop bottle which is a weapon that breaks faster then a normal pop bottle, pipes, and small knifes. After you beat them it goes into a cutsence with Cherry yelling for everyone to stop fight and then she agrees to go with Bob and Randy. Then they take off and leaves Ponyboy, Johnny and Two-Bit going to the Vaccant lot. Then fades out and says level complete. You don't unlock anyone after this level. Level Three Completed - "VS Bob and Randy".

The next level starts with Ponyboy and Johnny laying down in the Vaccant lot. They talk for a while and then in a first person point of view from Ponyboy, your eyes start closing. Then you hear Johnny saying Ponyboy Wake up. Then it says press A. After you press A your eyes open and you jump up. Ponyboy asks Johnny what time it is and Johnny says I dont know I fell asleep too. Then you have to walk to Ponyboy's house and sneak pass Socs. If the Socs notice you, then you have to fight 5 tough ones. Once you sneak or fight all of the Socs and get to Ponyboys house, it goes into a cutscene of Ponyboy walking in and Darry yelling at Ponyboy. Then Sodapop tells Darry to leave you alone and Darry yells at Sodapop. Then Ponyboy gets angry that Darry yelled at Sodapop so Ponyboy yells at Darry. Then Darry hits Ponyboy to ground. Then you have to fight Darry. You can only be Ponyboy because Johnny is at the Vaccant lot and Two-Bit went out. This battle is kind of hard because Darry is really powerful and has alot of health. If you use the right techniques though, it should'nt be too hard. This is the first mini-boss in this level. There is another one later in the level. After you win against Darry, it goes into a cutscene where Ponyboy decides to leave and go to the Vaccant lot to get Johnny. Then you have to sneak past or fight more Socs. When you get to the Vaccant lot, you get Johnny and decide to run away. After Ponyboy and Johnny run for a few blocks, they take a break to catch their breath and calm down. Then Ponyboy says that they should walk though the park and back so he can calm down. As you are walking through the park you fight Socs. When you get to the fountain you have to fight 20 Socs but only 3 at a time. After that a cutscene happens where a blue Mustang pulls up by Ponyboy and Johnny and Bob, Randy and few more Socs come out of the car and start insulting Ponyboy and Johnny. Then Ponyboy insults them and spits at them. Now a few Socs start chasing Ponyboy and you have to bash the buttons it says on the screen to run faster. You have one minute on the clock to see how far you can get from the Socs in one minute. Your record will be recorded in the record section of the main menu. After the mintue is up, Ponyboy stops to catch his breath and the Socs catch up and grab Ponyboy. Now as Ponyboy and Johnny you have to defeat 10 difficult Socs and then the second mini-boss of the level, Bob and Randy again. This time Bob and Randy are stronger then before with more health and strenght. After you defeat Bob and Randy, theyn beat down Johnny and start drowning Ponyboy in the fountain in a cutscene. Then it tells you to spin the circle pad so you can push the Socs back so you can try to swim up to catch your breath. On the touch screen it shows how much breath you have before you drown. You have to keep doing that for a minute and a half. After that you see in a cutscene that Ponyboy is about to drown when all of a sudden the water starts turning red. Then the screen goes black and Ponyboy opens his eyes and he is laying down next to where Johnny is sitting with a bloodly knife in his hand. you are outside of the fountain. Ponyboy looks to his right and see's Bob laying on the ground doubled up on top of a big puddle of blood. Then Johnny says that he killed him to save you. Then Ponyboy gets a little sick and Johnny says that they have to make a plan and leave. Then after a short pause, Johnny says "We gotta go see Dallas.". Then it fades out and says level coimplete. You don't unlock any characters after this level. Level Four Completed - "The Park Incident".

The next level starts out with Ponyboy and Johnny going to Buck Merrils House to get Dallas. You have to walk to Buck's house and on the way fight more Socs. About have way through, you have to fight 10 Strong Socs and 20 Weaker Socs. In total there are 30 Socs and they could be difficult if you don't use the right techniques. Once you get to Buck's house, Bucks door appears on the touch screen. You have to keep taping the door with the stylus until Buck comes. Once Buck comes the cutscene continues. Buck asks Ponyboy and Johnny what they want. Johnny tells Buck that they want to see Dallas. Then Buck goes and gets Dallas. After Johnny explains what had happened with Bob, Dallas brings them into the house. Now you have to follow Dallas upstairs. Dallas gives you a shirt way to big for you, a gun with 30 bullets and 50 bucks. He tells Ponyboy and Johnny to hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville. There is an old abandoned church at the top of Jay Mountain that could make a good hide-out. Then you have to leave Buck's house and get to the freight. On the way you will have sneak past or fight more Socs. When you get to the freight you have to sneak on without getting caught. After you do that you go into a first person point of view of Ponyboy. Ponyboys eyes close and then you hear Johnny yell "Jump Ponyboy!". After you jump off the freight, Johnny tells Ponyboy to ask the first person he see's for directions to the church at Jay Mountain. After you find someone and get the directions you have to go back to Johnny. On the way there and back you will have to fight Socs. After you get to Johnny, you will have to go to the church on Jay Mountain. On the way you fight Socs and almost when you get to the church a big Soc comes out a is hard to defeat. He would be considered a mini-boss due to the Health and Super Strenght. When you get into the church, you go back into first person of Ponyboy. Your eyes close again and then you wake up and look around for Johnny. Then you notice the ground and written in the dust says Went to get supplies. Be back soon. J.C.. Then you have to walk over to the water pump in the back of the church. After that a cutscene happens where Johnny comes back with a box full of supplies. In the box was a weeks worth of Baloney, two loaves of bread, a paperback copy of Gone with the Wind, Playing cards and Peroxide. Johnny tells Ponyboy that they are going to have to cut their hair. Ponyboy also has to bleach his hair. Ponyboy doesn't like the idea but then accepts it. Then Johnny cuts Ponyboys hair. Now you have to go outside so Ponyboy could bleach his hair. But before you do that, you can play a card mini-game with Johnny. The amount of times you win will go in the record section of the main menu. When you go outside, there is a bar with red, orange, yellow and green. There is a blue rectangle that goes back and forth on the bar. When the rectangle goes on the green you have to press A. You have to do that for one minute. The amount of times you press A on the green will be recorded in the record section of the main menu. After the minute is up, Ponyboy gets up and has bleached hair. Then you have to cut Johnny's hair. You have to press L and R the whole time to use the knife on his hair. Then a cutscene happens where Ponyboy and Johnny are watching a sunset and Ponyboy tells Johnny a poem. Then it goes back to them in the church, Johnny was smoking and dropped it in the floor. Ponyboy told Johnny to watch out because the church is wooden and could burn down. Then in a first person view from Ponyboy, Ponyboy slowly wakes up to a famililar voice. The voice was Dallas. He came to check up on them. Dallas gives Ponyboy a letter from Sodapop saying that he knows what happened and that Darry is sorry he hit him snd that he is worried about Ponyboy. Then Dallas takes Ponyboy and Johnny to get some food. Dallas tells Ponyboy and Johnny that the gang has a spy now. Then Dallas says it was Cherry Valance, the girl from the movie house. Johnny says that he should turn himself in and Dallas gets mad. After Dallas tells Ponyboy and Johnny some more stuff they had back to the church. When you get back to the church with Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas you see the church is on fire. Then you hear kids screaming and Ponyboy and Johnny jump out of the car and start toward the church. At this part you are Ponyboy. You have to follow Johnny into the flaming church. When you get in there you see kids in the corner. Now you have to run to them, pick them up with A and then give them to Dallas, who is right outside the window, with A. As you are in the church, flaming peices of wood will fall down right in front of you. When that happens you have to blow into the mic to stop the flame from burning you. After you get all of the kids, you jump through the window and a cutscene happens. It shows Ponyboy jump out the window and you see fire on his back. Then it goes into first person view of Dallas and it says press B. After you press B, you see Dallas's hand smack Ponyboy in the back where the fire was. But Dallas must of hit Ponyboy too hard because he fell to the ground and passed out. Then you hear Johnny screaming and he is still in the church. Then you have to bash the A button and then jump in the window with X and grab Johnny with A and then jump back out the window with X. Then still in Dallas first person view, you jump out and land on the ground. Then the screen fades. Then you are in Ponyboys first person view. Your eyes open and you hear a voice and sirens. You look next to you and find Jerry Wood, the guy who was trying to prevent you from going into the church while it was on fire, sitting there in an anbulance with you. He tells you what happened to your back and how Dallas jumped in to saved Johnny. Once you get to the Hospital you are sitting next to Jerry Wood in the waiting room waiting to find out about Dallas and Johnny. A doctor comes and tells you that Dallas burnt his arm pretty bad and that Johnny is in critical condition. After the doctor leaves, Jerry Wood asks you if those two people are your brothers. Then you look to where he was pointing and you see Sodapop and Darry standing there. Then Ponyboy gets up and runs over to them and hugs them both. Darry says that he was really worried and wishes he never hit you. Then Darry says come on its getting late, lets go home. Ponyboy and Darry are starting to get along now. Then it fades out and says level complete. It also says that you unlocked Dallas Winston and Sodapop Curtis as a playable characters. (NOTE: You cannot use Dallas until later in the game because of Dallas being in the hospital. Johnny is not playable for the rest of the game. You cannot use Sodapop in the next level because he leaves for work. Now you can be Two-Bit again.) Level Five Completed - "The Burning Church".

The next level starts out with a first person point of view of Ponyboy. He wakes up and gets up and then he begins to cook breakfast. Then you hear Two-Bit and Steve Randle ask if anyones home. Then Ponyboy says Yeah, but Soda and Darry are asleep so dont slam the door. They slam it anyway. Then Two-Bit garbs Ponyboy and starts swinging him around and the eggs that Ponyboy was trying to cook get sent flying. Then Two-Bit and Steve start making fun of Ponyboy's hair and Ponyboy tells them to lay off. Then Steve asked Ponyboy how he likes being a hero and shoves a newspaper in his face. Then on the newspaper it says that Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heros. Then Two-Bit tells Ponyboy that the Big Rumble is tonight. Then after more talking, Sodapop comes downstairs and goes to work his Steve. Darry wanted to stay home with Ponyboy sence he had just got home but then Two-Bit said that he'll watch over Ponyboy for the day. After Sodapop and Darry leave, Two-Bit asks Ponyboy if he wants to go see Johnny and Dallas now. Then Ponyboy and Two-Bit leave. Now you can be Ponyboy and Two-Bit. You have to walk to the Hospital and on the way fight tough Socs. Half way there, there will be a cutscene where Ponyboy and Two-Bit stop and see Randy Adderson. Randy wants to have a talk with Ponyboy. The talk is why Ponyboy was a hero and how Randy won't be in the rumble. Two-Bit is telling the Socs that were with Randy how he was going to beat them. Then after the cutscene you continue to go on your way to the hospital. When you get to the Hospital, you have to fight 20 Socs before you go in. Then when you go in you have to find Johnny's room. You can walk to the person at the counter for the room number for Johnny Cade and then she will tell you. Then you go to whatever floor she said and find the room number. If you go into the wrong room, you will have to fight 10 Socs. When you get to Johnny's room a cutscene will happen. In the cutscene, Two-Bit and Ponyboy walk over to Johnny. His back is broken and he can't even move. Johnny asks for a paperback copy of Gone with the Wind because the one they had got burnt in the fire. Then as Two-Bit, you have to go to a drug store and get Gone with the Wind. On the way there you will fight Socs and on the way back. then you have to go back to Johnny's room. When you get back another cutscene happens where a nurse comes in and asks Johnny if he wants to see his mother. Then Johnny gets mad because he doesn't want to see her and he passes out. Then the nurse makes Ponyboy and Two-Bit leave. Then Ponyboy and Two-Bit start walking down the hall and you see Johnny's mother giving them bad looks. Now you can be Ponyboy and Two-Bit again. Now you have to ask someone at the counter for Dallas's room. Then you have to go there. When you get there you see Dallas arguing with a nurse because she won't let him smoke. Then Dallas asks how Johnny is. Two-Bit says not so good. Dallas gets a little mad and asks Two-Bit for his switch-blade. When Two-Bit gives it to Dallas, Dallas looks at it and says We are going to pound those Socs to the ground. Were going to do it for Johnny! Then Two-Bit and Ponyboy know not to talk to Dallad when he gets mad like that so they leave. Then it goes to a scene where Ponyboy and Two-Bit are waiting for a bus back to Ponyboys house. Ponyboy tells Two-Bit that he has a bad felling about tonight. Then it goes to a scene where Ponyboy and Two-Bit are walking past the vaccant lot and see Cherry Valance in her Corvette. Cherry tells them that the Socs are using not weapons in the rumble. Two-Bit leaves and Ponyboy starts to follow him when Cherry tells Ponyboy to wait. Then Ponyboy and Cherry talk for a little bit and then Ponyboy leaves. Then it fades out and says level complete. It also says that you unlocked Steve Randle as a playable character. Level Six Completed - "Hospital Visit".

The next level starts out in Ponyboys house with Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Steve and Two-Bit. Sodapop and Steve are playing cards and Soda trys to hide a card in his shoe. Steve kicks it out of his shoe and then they start arm wrestling. Then as Ponyboy, you have to go around to everybody and ask them why they like fights. After you do that a cutscene happens where everybody leaves to go to the Big Rumble. Now you have Darry and two other characters you picked. You have to walk to the vaccant lot and on the way fight Socs. There aren't that many but they are hard to beat, unless your using Darry. They would be easy then but, you should save Darry for the rumble because of his strenght. You wouldn't want to make a terrible mistake and have him die before the rumble. Once you get to the vaccant lot, Tim Shepard tells Darry to go over to him. At the rumble so far are The Gang, Tim Shepards gang and the brumbly boys. After some talking, the Socs start to arrive. They all line up as the Greasers do also. Darry walks under the street light and asks who is going first. Then a Soc walks up to him. Darry and the Soc know eachother. They used to be friends in high school. His name is Paul Holden. Then after a cold stare between Darry and Paul you hear a familiar voice say "Hey! Wait for me!". Then Darry turns around to see who it is and gets punched across the face by Paul. The person was Dallas. Dallas can only use one arm sence the other is burnt. Then the rumble starts. You have two characters of your selection and Dallas and Darry. You have to fight 100 Socs. 10 weak, 20 tough, 30 big and tough, and 40 super big and tough. This is really challanging and it's not the end of the level. After those Socs, you have to fight Paul Holden. Paul Holden is considered the final boss even though there is another level after this. Note that there are no weapons or assist items, so your on your own. This is the most challaging level in the game. Paul is stronger than any Soc and has a super large health bar. You will need all four characters to beat him unless you get really lucky. During the fight against the 100 Socs be very careful not to lose anyone. After you edventually beat him there is a cutscene showing Darry beating on him and then he knocks him to the ground. Then you also hear Two-Bit yelling, their running! We Won! Then in a first person view from Ponyboy, Dallas grabs you and pulls you up and tells you that he's going to see Johnny. Then Ponyboy and Dallas jump into Bucks car and starts driving to the hospital. Dallas gets pulled over by the cops but then gets away with it by telling the cop that he is taking Ponyboy to the hospital, which was true enough. When you get to the hospital, it is a first person cutscene of Ponyboy following Dallas through the hospital all blurry from the rumble. When you get to Johnny, Dallas tells Johnny that the greasers won the rumble and Johnny says that fighting is useless. Then he tells Ponyboy to stay gold. Then he passes away and Dallas gets mad beause it is then clear that the only thing Dallas loved was Johnny. Dallas storms out of the hospital and leaves Ponyboy there. Then it goes to a scene of Ponyboy walking home and a guy asks him if he wanted a ride and Ponyboy gets in. The guy tells him that he is bleeding all over his seat but he would rather have that then him having to walk all the way home by himself in his condition. When Ponyboy walks in the door of his house, everybody looks at him and Darry asks whats wrong. Ponyboy tells them that Johnny died and Dallas is freaking out. Then the phone rings and Darry anwsers it. Then he hangs up and tells everyone that it was Dallas and he robbed a grocery store and is getting chased by the cops and that they need to hide him. Then iit shows everybody run out of Ponyboys house and the top screen thurns into a split screen. On top is Dallas running from the cops and on the bottom is the gang running to the vaccant lot to get Dallas. Then once they both get to the vaccant lot it goes into first person Ponyboy vision. You see Dallas standing under the street light and the cops standing on the opposite side of him. Dallas pulls out a gun and the cops shoot him a few times and the gang is shouting No! He is just a kid! Then Dallas dies right under the street light of the vaccant lot. Ponyboy had two good friends die that day. Then it fades out and says level complete. It also says you unlocked Darry as a playable character. (NOTE: Johnny and Dallas are no longer playable from this point on in Story Mode) Level Seven Completed - "The Big Rumble".

The next level starts out with a cutscene of a first person view of Ponyboy waking up in his bed. Darry is sitting next to him. Darry explains that you had passed out when Dally died. After more talking, Sodapop comes in and is about to jump on you but then Darry stops him and tells him to be gentle with you. Then after even more talking, Ponyboys eyes close and when you wake up again, Darry is sleeping next to you and you wake him up by shaking the 3DS system. Then after alot more talking, Darry goes to make soup and then Ponyboy and Sodapop fall asleep before Darry gets back. Then Ponyboys eyes open and there is a yearbook near you. You have to press A to grab it and then go through pages until it stops you and makes you notice the name Robert Sheldon. Robert is Bob, the Soc that Johnny killed. Then Darry comes in and says that there is a guy named Randy at the door to see you. Then Randy comes in. Randy talks mainly about how they have to go see the Judge the next day and how you can get sent to a boys home if the Judge decides that Darry isn't a good gaurdian. After a while, Randy says something about Johnny and Darry tells him to leave. You slightly hear Darry say to Randy not to mention Johnny around Ponyboy. Then Darry yells "Ponyboy Curtis you put out that Cigarette!" Then it fades out and goes to a scene in the courthouse of the Judge asking Randy and Cherry about the killing of Bob. Then when the Judge gets to Ponyboy, the Judge only asks about if he likes living with Darry and school. He didn't ask anything about Bob. Then it fades out and goes to a scene of Ponyboy in English class. The bell rings and everyone leaves except Ponyboy because he was asked to stay after class. The teacher tells Ponyboy that he will fail the class unless he thinks of a good theme for his english project. Then it fades out and goes to a scene of Ponyboy sitting on Steves car drinking a pop while Two-Bit and Steve are inside the store. Then a car pulls up and a few Socs get out of the car trying to cause trouble. Then Ponyboy tells them that he has had just about enough of them and you have to press A to smash the pop bottle and walk closer to the Socs and then they get into their car and drive off. Then Two-Bit and Steve come out and ask Ponyboy if he really would've used the bottle. Two-Bit tells him not to get tough like the rest of the gang and Ponyboy gets up and picks up the glass on the street so no one would get a flat tire. Then it goes to a scene where Ponyboy and Darry are arguing and are both trying to get Soda on their side. Then Sodapop gets up and runs out. Ponyboy and Darry become silent and Darry picks up the letter Soda dropped and reads it outloud. Its a letter from Sandy sent back to Soda unopened. Sandy moved to Florida to live with her grandmother and broke up with Sodapop about a weak before this. Then Ponyboy and Darry get up and run after him. As Ponyboy, you have to bash the L and R buttons to run faster and catch up to Soda. Then when you get close enough it will tell you to press A. After you press A, Ponyboy will tackle Soda to the ground. Soda tells Ponyboy that he should've been on the football team instead. Then Darry shows up and asks why Soda left. Soda tells them both that he can't stand it when the fight because he feels like hes being pulled in two directions. Soda asks them to stop fighting and they agree that they will. Then it fades out and goes to a scene (The epiloge) of Ponyboy in his room with some paper and a pencil. He is thinking of a theme. Then he gets an idea and calls up his english teacher to ask how long it can be. The teacher says as long as he wants. Then Ponyboys voice starts describing people. The describtions fit Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston and Bob Sheldon. Then on the peice of paper you see written down "When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.". Then after Ponyboys voice finishes that quote, Ponyboy writes on the top of the paper The Outsiders. Then it fades out and says Story Mode complete. It also says you unlocked Bob Sheldon, Greaser and Soc as playable characters. It then also says that you unlocked Soc Mode. You can now go back and play any level you want over on Story Mode as any of the characters that you unlocked. Story Mode Completed (Level Eight) - "The End".


I *Moderate to Unlock **Hard to Unlock ***Very hard to Unlock

Ponyboy Curtis - In VS mode you start out with him. Unlocked at beginning of Story Mode.

Super Move - "Jockey Ride". When near an enemy, you will jump on their back while beating on them. The enemys get out by spinning the circle pad. Other allies or enemies can help you by also beating on them while they are stunned. When you get off, you kick them and send them flying. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Alternate Outfits - Short Bleached hair, Dallas's Jacket, Battle Damaged.

Johnny Cade - In VS mode you start out with him. Unlocked after you beat "Greasers and Socs".

Super Move - "Night stabber". Takes out his knife and shoots across the screen. If Johnny comes in contact with an enemy they will get sent flying.

Alternate Outfits - Short hair, Burnt, Battle Damaged.

Two-Bit Matthews* - Win 25 times in VS mode. Unlocked after you beat "Movie Night".

Super Move - "Two-Bits Switch". Takes out his Switch-Blade and allows you to use it as a weapon. (NOTE: This weapon is super powerful and the only way you can get it in VS mode. Thats why it is his Super Move.)

Alternate Outfits - ?, ?, Battle Damaged.

Steve Randle* - Win 50 times in VS mode. Unlocked after "Hospital Visit".

Super Move - ?

Alternate Outfits - Work Outfit, ?, Battle Damaged.

Sodapop Curtis* - Win 100 times in VS mode. Unlocked after "The Burning Church".

Super Move - "Saving Pony". Runs across stage two times rapidly punching. If it hits, the enemy gets sent flying.

Alternate Outfits - Work Outfit, Black clothing, Battle Damaged.

Dallas Winston** - Win 250 times in VS mode. Unlocked after "The Burning Church".(Not playable until "The Big Rumble". He is locked in as a character that level.)

Super Move - "Suicidal". Cops come on to the stage and Dallas takes out a heater. (gun) The cops start shooting everyone on stage. If you/ an enemy get behind the cops, you/ an enemy can kill them and pick up their guns. (NOTE: that is the only way to get that weapon in VS mode.)

Alternate Outfits - Prison Outfit, Burnt Arm, Battle Damaged.

Darry Curtis** - Win 500 times in VS mode. Unlocked at "The Big Rumble"(He is locked in as a character in that level so you can only pick 2 others.)

Super Move - "Knock Out". Darry swings really hard and fast and you can slowly move with him. If an enemy gets hit, he gets sent flying.

Alternate Outfits - Tight Black clothing, Football Outfit, Battle Damaged.

Bob Sheldon*** - Win 1000 times in VS mode. Unlocked after Story Mode is completed.

Super Move - "Ring Nightmare". If an enemy is near him when he uses this, a quick cutscene will happen where he knock them down to the ground a swings at them with his hand with the rings on it. This causes to scratch up their face. After the quick cutscene ends they get sent flying.

Alternate Outfits - ?, ?, Battle Damaged.

Randy Adderson*** - Win 2000 times in VS mode. Unlocked in Soc mode.

Super Move - ?

Alternate Outfits - ?, ?, Battle Damaged.

Paul Holden*** - Win 5000 times in VS mode. Unlocked after you beat Soc mode.

Super Move - ?

Alternate Outfits - Football Outfit, ?, Battle Damaged.

Greaser - In VS mode you start out with him. Unlocked after Story Mode is completed.

Super Move - Gets a gang of greasers to go across the stage and knock down everyone in their way.

Alternate Outfits - Black clothing, White clothing, Battle Damaged.

Soc - In VS mode you start out with him. Unlocked after Story Mode is completed.

Super Move - Gets a gang of Socs to go across the stage and knock down everyone in thir way.

Alternate Outfits - Black clothing, White clothing, Battle Damaged.

Assist CharactersEdit

Cherry Valance - Drives across stage in Corvette and hits enemies.

Jerry Wood - Push enemies across the map if the come near him.

Tim Shepard - Comes in with his own gang and pounds everyone in his way to the ground.

Curly Shepard - Becomes your ally for about half a minute.

Brumly Boys - Comes in with some pipes and beats enemies with them. Also when they leave they drop the pipes so you can pick them up and use as a weapon.

David - Comes in and beats on everybody, even the person who summoned him.


Filled Coke Bottle - You can drink the coke to regain some lost health and then use it as a weapon. After a few hits it will break.

Busted Coke Bottle - A weaker version of the normal coke bottle and breaks faster.

Knife - A sharp weapon. It can break after a while.

Switch-blade - A sharper and stronger version of the knife. Cannot break but can get knocked out of your characters hand and it will disappear.

Two-Bits Switch-blade - A powerful weapon stronger than the normal switch-blade. Very rare to find.

Pipe - A weapon that is hard but not that useful. It doesn't do to much damage and can break. The Brumly boys drop some when they leave.

Chains - A far ranged weapon.

Heater - A really powerful weapon that is really rare to find. It only has 6 bullets.

Chocolate cake - Regains alot of health.

Baked Chicken - Regains health and increases strength.

Popcorn - Regains a little health.

Chocolate Milk - Regains health and increases defence.

Bologna - Regains some health.

Gone with the wind - Summons an assist character to assist you in combat.



Streets - You start out with it.

The Dingo - You start out with it.

The Vaccant Lot - You start out with it.

Ponyboys House - You start out with it.

The Movie House - Unlocked after "Movie Night".

The Park - Unlocked after "The Park Incident".

The Church - Unlocked after "The Burning Church".

The Hospital - Unlocked after "Hospital Visit".

The Court House - Unlocked after "The End".

Interacting Backrounds;

The Burning Church - If you finish the part where you have to rescue the children in the church in less than 2 minutes, you unlock this background. (Average time to save the children, 3 minutes.) Only on The Church. Interaction - Flames sometimes shoots at you and Burning peices of Timber sometimes fall down. There will be a warning.

The Big Rumble - If you beat "The Big Rumble" in less then 5 minutes, you unlock this background. (Average time to beat "The Big Rumble" is 8 minutes.) Only on The Vaccant Lot. Interaction - Sometimes Socs and Greasers will get sent flying at you and sometimes a guy in the rumble will walk across the stage and punch everyone while he blends with the background.

Weather Conditions;

Morning - You start out with it.

Sunny - You start out with it.

Noon - Unlocked after "Greasers and Socs".

Storm - Beat "The Big Rumble" using only Darry.

Night - Unlocked after "VS Bob and Randy".

Rain - Unlocked after 'The Big Rumble".

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